About Edinburgh Wood Fuel Ltd | Firewood Supplier



A small, independent business we have been supplying wood fuel in a variety of forms since 2006. With energy and climate change becoming increasingly topical, the need to be sustainable in heat production is ever growing and the business is well set to deal with increasing demand.


Chris Edmunds - Director

Chris Edmunds owns and runs the Edinburgh Wood Fuel and since an early age, Chris has always been interested in business and first started his own aged 13. Chris is responsible for the overall running of Edinburgh Wood Fuel and when not playing tennis, football, swimming or cycling Chris also enjoys young farmers and socialising with good food and drink.

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Rachael Edmunds- Office Manager

Rachael is responsible for the day to day office management of the business which includes accounts, invoice issuing and debt collection.

William Innnes - Logistics and Delivery Manager

William (Billy) is the lead logistics co-ordinator and carries out deliveries on a regular basis.

Keith Edmunds - Delivery driver/foreman

Keith is responsible for logistics and also occasionally carries out deliveries.

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Christine Edmunds - Marketing

Christine is responsible for running and co-ordinating the EWF marketing campaigns.

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