• EWF Double Special Offer Deal

Edinburgh Wood Fuel's double special offer deal consists of:

  • 20 nets of hardwood firewood;
  • 20 nets of softwood firewood; and
  • 4 nets of kindling.


This deal offers our customers with the best value for money. 

Our hardwood logs are usually a mixture of species which may include beech, ash, oak, cherry, sycamore and birch.

Our softwood logs are usually a mixture of species which may include spruce, larch and pine.


Hardwood logs, due to their density, will burn for longer, while softwood logs burn faster and hotter. Therefore the two products work well together. The softwood logs are ideal for when your fire or stove is getting established and for when a quick hot heat is required. The hardwood logs can be used to keep the fire or stove burning through the evening.


Edinburgh Wood Fuel's kindling provides you with a ready to use product to assist in lighting your stove or open fire. Our kindling is softwood and is extremely well seasoned and dry to assist in getting your fire going.


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EWF Double Special Offer Deal

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